Innovative Workforce Solutions
Aug 14th

One topic that can lead to much confusion when it comes time to handle an unemployment claim is that of resignations that are accepted immediately. 

In other words, suppose an employee gives his or her resignation, effective in two weeks, but you decide to accept the resignation effective immediately instead. 

If you request that the employee leave immediately after giving notice, you may turn a voluntary quit into a termination. Not to mention that asking employees to leave immediately may send a bad message to employees who try to do the right thing by providing you with advance notice. Click here for more information.

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Aug 7th

Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of changes in employment laws, particularly at the local and state levels. This trend is continuing, and we expect to see more proposed changes in local and state legislation in some of these key areas: minimum wage laws, exempt salary thresholds, predictable scheduling laws, paid sick and family leave, gender identity and medical and recreational marijuana use. Click here for more information.

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Jul 31st

When employees get positive feedback and recognition from their supervisor or manager, it leaves them with a great feeling, but there is something really special about winning the respect of peers at work.  Peer recognition feels authentic because employees are able to hear the direct impact their work has on the people who work alongside them. Click here for more information.

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