Can You Terminate an Employee for Activities Outside the Workplace? By Mark Perlberg, CEO

In today’s era of social media, the lines between our public and private lives are often blurred. With so many smartphones capturing and sharing pictures and video, what employees do on their private time may not be so private. In general, employment is at-will and employees can be terminated for any reason/at any time as long as it is not unlawful.But depending on the situation and your location, it can get a bit tricky. Some states prohibit employers from discriminating against employees for engaging in lawful conduct when they are off duty.

So, what should you do if you find out that an employee has a part-time job you consider to be a conflict of interest? And do free speech rights protect employees from being terminated for expressing beliefs at a political rally? A growing number of companies are finding themselves in the position of knowing information that an employee hasn’t disclosed and taking action. Is this a problem? Oasis is here to help our clients navigate this area of the law and mitigate the risk of a costly litigation.

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