Electronic Onboarding of New Employees

Less is More.

An important part of the value that Oasis Outsourcing provides is our ability to help our PEO clients Maintain Peace of Mind with respect to the many legal requirements associated with the employment relationship. The first step in achieving this goal occurs on the employee’s first day in the workplace with the onboarding process. This process includes the completion of important legal documentation, as well as the introduction of important workplace-specific policies and procedures, all of which can impact the employer’s ability to remain compliant with a variety of employment-related legal concerns.

The completion of the Employee Onboarding process can be a daunting task for the manager and employee alike. Additionally, the onboarding process provides an early opportunity for the employee to become positively engaged with the employer and the new position. Why ruin the excitement of starting a new position with endless paperwork? The Oasis Outsourcing Employee Electronic Onboarding Program can streamline the process with significant advantages and improvements. If you would like more information about Employee Electronic Onboarding, please contact your Payroll Team.

Electronic Onboarding: Better Than Traditional Paper Processes

Completing new hire paperwork electronically rather than using traditional paper processes is beneficial on many levels. Here are just a few:

Ease of Use

  • Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any internet-enabled computer
  • Online forms simulate paper forms
  • Faster completion times due to prepopulated fields which eliminate redundant entries
  • Electronic signature acceptance
  • Available in both English and Spanish

Improved Accuracy

  • Employees enter data and attest to accuracy
  • Virtually eliminates data-entry errors

Employment Eligibility

  • Interfaces with E-Verify for immediate electronic verification of employment eligibility in the United States
  • Ensures privacy of employee personal information
  • Provides timely, accurate data which can be used to maximize client tax credits

Reduced Administrative Costs

  • No need for hard copy storage of federal, state and client forms or documents (I-9, W-4, Direct Deposit, EEO, etc.)
  • Fast electronic access to various documents that may be required for government audits, inspections or other employer requirements

Reduced Managerial Involvement

  • Automatic collection and verification of new hire information
  • Elimination of most paper forms

[Oasis] is able to conveniently provide all of the services that I need to run my business all under one roof.

- Paul B. Retail Industry

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