Go Green with Paperless Pay Stubs

Paperless Pay Stubs are Fast, Easy and Environmentally-Friendly

In an effort to go green, many companies recycle, but Oasis Outsourcing PEO clients now have the opportunity to take this one step further by enrolling in the Paperless Pay Stub program. This program saves you the cost and time associated with distributing pay stubs, and it reduces the amount of paper used for printing them.

The Paperless Pay Stub program is popular with employees, too. In fact, a survey conducted by the American Payroll Association found that 62% of respondents would like to or already do receive a paperless pay stub, and 26% were open to the idea.

Through the Paperless Pay Stub program, employees access their pay stubs through our secure Employee Services Website, which means their personal information will not get lost in the mail and potentially end up in the wrong hands. In addition to pay stub information being available 24/7 through the Employee Services Website, employees can also access their personal information, benefits information, paid time off information and information about Oasis Employee Discount Programs.

Paperless Pay Stub Program Benefits

  • Reduction in cost associated with the distribution of pay stubs to employees
  • Elimination of mail delays associated with weather or other events
  • Increased security for sensitive employee data
  • Increase in real-time access to payroll data for all employees

To get started, notify your Payroll Team that you want to provide this program to your employees. Your Payroll Team will coordinate the start date of the program with you and coordinate notification to your employees, as well as provide them with detailed instructions. It’s that simple!

What Your Employees Need to Do

  • Employees must sign up for Direct Deposit (if they have not already done so).
  • Employees will also need to register to use the Oasis Employee Services Website, where they can access their pay stub information at any time. Employees who prefer to receive paper pay stubs will have the option to cancel at any time.

Please contact your Payroll Team if you need more information.

[Oasis] is able to conveniently provide all of the services that I need to run my business all under one roof.

- Paul B. Retail Industry

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