Oasis Mobile Apps

Oasis Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!

The Oasis Client Connect and Oasis Employee Connect Apps are comprised of the most utilized features of the Oasis Client and Employee Services Websites. These can be installed from the App Store or Google Play by searching for Oasis Client Connect and Oasis Employee Connect, respectively.

The key features of the Apps are outlined below.

Oasis Client Connect

  • Touch ID for authentication (iOS only)
  • View Oasis contact information
  • View payroll information, including invoice summaries and employee pay stubs
  • View employee PTO
  • View general employee information, such as contact information
  • Create and view help desk tickets



Oasis Employee Connect

  • View and update personal information
  • View 401(k) balance and link directly to the Oasis Retirement Plan Website
  • Access W-2 and update W-4 withholding information
  • Utilize fingerprint authentication to sign in
  • View Oasis contact information
  • View payroll summary
  • View current and prior pay stubs
  • View PTO
  • Access many of the employee discount programs



Mobile Website
Clients and employees who choose to, can continue to access our mobile websites from their smartphones, tablets or other devices. Clients should go to http://client.link2oasis.com and Employees should go to http://employee.link2oasis.com. Once accessed, the websites can be bookmarked on the home screen of the device for easy reference.




[I find that] HR handles the legal issues, the benefits are priced better through Oasis, and payroll handles all of the taxes. With all of these areas being handled by Oasis, it frees up my time to focus on my business and puts my mind at ease knowing that experts are handling everything.

- Brad L. Retail Industry

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