Healthcare Reform Impact

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Healthcare Reform, is intended to increase access to medical coverage for Americans.  For employers, it can be a confusing bill with many provisions requiring compliance (Click here to view our comprehensive ACA white paper).  The law also includes guidance from various governmental agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor.  It’s safe to say that Healthcare Reform has forever changed the way businesses provide benefits and compensation to employees.

How Might Healthcare Reform Impact Your Business?  There are three main areas to consider:

  1. Cost of Medical Insurance or Related Penalties
  2. Cost of Medical Insurance Based on Adjusted Community Rating
  3. Increased Administrative Burden

Where Can I Get Help?

At Oasis, we understand that Healthcare Reform is a complex topic for employers. By partnering with Oasis as a large, comprehensive Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you can take advantage of expert guidance and administrative relief as you navigate through the various regulations. Our breadth of experience and competitive pricing make us “the best of the best” to navigate these waters with you.

Oasis is recognized as a service-obsessed provider in the areas of Human Resources, Payroll Administration, Risk Management and Employee Benefits. Due to the nature of our client relationships which encompass support in these areas, we are in an expert position to handle all aspects of compliance for medical benefits, employee communications, government requirements etc. For instance, Oasis, as one of the nation’s largest PEOs, employs licensed benefits specialists who will provide administrative and compliance support to assist your business, regardless of the type of Insurance Plan you offer, including not offering a Plan at all.  You should also know that Oasis is at the forefront of our industry and plays a leadership role in guiding how the PEO industry supports the complexities of Healthcare Reform.

As an expert in Healthcare Reform, Oasis is here to guide and partner with you to help develop and implement the best strategies for your business.  For more information, please visit our Healthcare Reform page or Request a Consultation

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