4 Ways A PEO Can Lift Your Bottom Line

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are increasingly focused on human resources as a key element contributing to their success. In ultra-competitive markets that demand top-notch customer service, it’s become increasingly apparent that human capital is one of the most important areas of today’s business. The problem for many businesses is they don’t have the in-house resources to focus on HR-related tasks at the level that they truly require. For this reason, many are looking toward the PEO (professional employer organization) to help them succeed in this critical area of the business. A PEO can help with many of your company’s HR tasks ranging from training to payroll to compliance (and all areas in between).

Let’s check out some of the ways that a PEO can contribute to the bottom line:

  1. It increases productivity. When your team is fully-trained, satisfied with their work environment and incentivized to work toward the company’s overarching goals, productivity is inevitability lifted. In addition, the potential for collaboration and innovation increases in the environment where employees are fully-trained and empowered. Enlisting the services of a PEO can help you tap into tried and tested methods for training, communicating and nurturing a culture of productivity among your employees.
  1. It streamlines HR efforts. Your HR team may be bogged down with redundant tasks that could be automated or handed off to a PEO that has perfected efficiencies to save time and increase effectiveness. Through technology and the use of the latest HR techniques, your PEO can take some of the burden off you or your in-house HR team.
  1. It attracts and retains top talent. Recruiting is a top challenge for all companies in today’s competitive job market. Working with a PEO, and tapping into their deep HR knowledge, can help your company be more effective at recruiting, training and onboarding efforts. By making better hiring decisions and facilitating a better culture, employee retention rates are likely to increase.
  1. It frees you up to do what you do best. Being bogged down with HR tasks can take your eye off the things that you do best, like helping your business succeed. Your expertise might be securing investors, sales, operations or marketing – your PEO can help you optimize your HR department while allowing you to focus on your areas of expertise, whatever those may be.

Hiring a PEO or professional employer organization is a strategic move that can improve the inner workings of your company in a variety of ways – all contributing to your overall success. When choosing a PEO, be sure to look for a company that has the depth, experience and reputation for excellence that your company deserves. Oasis, a Paychex® Company, a leading professional employer organization (PEO), specializes in assisting companies both large and small with their HR tasks including recruiting, onboarding, training, payroll administration, culture development, compliance and benefits administration.

For more information on how Oasis can assist your company in this or any area of Human Resources, contact Oasis at 866-AT-OASIS (866-286-2747) or visit us online at www.oasisadvantage.com.

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