5 Ways to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Your brand is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. It is a representation of your company’s unique set of values and a promise to your customers about the product or service you are going to deliver. How can you get this message across to your target market in a cost-effective way? Enlist the help of one of your best resources! You know, the ones you have chosen to help your company grow and prosper – your employees. They are involved with your company’s brand every single day. Who better to advocate for your brand than the people who are most intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of your business.How can you turn your employees into a group of trusted brand ambassadors? Here are five ways to get started:

Create a Culture Worth Sharing
Create a culture that employees are happy to be a part of. Your company’s culture is the collection of core values, goals and traditions that make it unique. Create rituals that convey your culture and hire leaders that model your values in your company’s daily operations.

Earn Their Respect and Trust
Earn the respect and trust of your employees so they support your company and believe in your mission. Treat your employees well and create an environment when their efforts are noticed and rewarded. Engaged, passionate employees are much more likely to advocate for your brand with a message that is believable and trustworthy.

It’s Everyone’s Job
The employees in sales or customer service aren’t the only ones responsible for supporting and promoting your brand. Incorporate brand advocacy into everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Everyone in your company, regardless of their position, has a network of friends and family with which they can share. Brand advocacy doesn’t only mean talking about your company’s products or services. It can also be simply sharing great things going on at your company such as community service efforts or other notable accomplishments.

Education is Key
Arm your employees with the tools and information they need to share your brand message. To create great ambassadors, you need to train your employees to understand your company’s history, goals, products and core values. If your employees are giving out incorrect information or aren’t knowledgeable, it could be harmful to your brand.

Give Them Something to Talk About
Social media is one of the best-word-of-mouth resources we have today. If your company has something interesting going on, empower your employees to share with their social networks. Provide them with tips, special offers, coupons or information on your newest project that they can proudly share. Just be sure to include guidelines for sharing on social media and your company’s social media policy. Sometimes even a well-meaning employee can put out information that could hurt your reputation.

Entrepreneurs and business owners know they can’t do it alone. Leverage your employees to develop authentic brand advocates to increase awareness and gain new customers. Learn how working with a PEO can help save you time so you can focus more on strengthening your brand and less on the administrative burdens associated with running your business, such as processing payroll, keeping track of complex human resources laws and risk management. For more information, contact Oasis, a Paychex® Company at 866-AT-OASIS (866-286-2747) or visit us online at www.oasisadvantage.com.

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