6 Valuable Leadership Lessons Revealed

Leadership is both a challenge to master and an earmark quality required for success when managing a team of any size. Unfortunately, new managers are often trained for the inner workings of their management roles without any emphasis on leadership. Leadership lessons are often experienced on a learn-as-you-go or, even worse, never. The good news is important leadership lessons abound that can be mastered by new managers (or even seasoned managers who never had the chance to drill down on leadership topics) in this quick primer.

Leadership Lessons Every Manager Should Know:

  1. Always lead by example. Assume your team is watching you because they are. If you are asking them to buy into a new company software tool and you are not using it yourself, don’t hold your breath. If it’s important that your team follows a mission set out by the company, make sure you are a power user – every day. Whatever the specifics, be sure that you are behaving around the office in the way you wish your team to operate. If not, they’ll see your words as false, and your efforts will be ineffective.
  2. Communicate, communicate and then communicate some more. The value of strong communication with your team cannot be underestimated. Keeping communication positive is a goal for strong leaders, but even if the news is not good, deliver it! Frequent and open communication will build stronger, higher performing teams with you leading the way. Also, be sure to include non-desk or remote employees in the communications. Even if they are not present in the office, they seek to be included too.
  3. Be human. Your team (hopefully) is full of A-players at the top of their games, but life sometimes gets in the way. Be human with your team. Get to know them. Learn their kids’ names and show understanding when they have to take some time off for an emergency. It’s not just endearing, it breeds loyalty. In a competitive job market where recruiting costs are high, retention rates are key metrics and positive culture is a top objective, loyal teams are invaluable.
  4. Take one for the team. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your team. Many managers let their competitive nature (or egos) get in the way of leading the team. We’ve all been in that situation where a manager takes all the credit and basks in the glory or, even worse, blames the team for things that go wrong.  The humble leadership lesson is often one of the hardest but the one that produces the most empowered and loyal teams.
  5. Take training to the next level. An investment in management training can help managers learn leadership lessons that can impact your organization’s operations and ultimately, your bottom line. A PEO, like Oasis, a Paychex® Company, can help you implement a comprehensive training program to make sure your management team is poised to be strong leaders.
  6. Clear out of the way and let your team do what they were hired to do. Steve Jobs famously said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” While this may not always apply in totality, it is good advice to consider. Empowering your team frees you up to do your job with added benefits. Empowered employees are more productive, more likely to innovate and more satisfied with their jobs.

Leadership lessons are a quintessential part of your business’s success. As the saying goes, “employees don’t quit a job, they quit a boss.” Furthermore, strong leaders produce high performing teams that are efficient, collaborative and innovative…isn’t that the goal of almost any organization? If helping your management team master leadership lessons is on your to-do list, reach out to Oasis, a Paychex® Company, the nation’s largest professional employer organization (PEO). We are here to help with training programs and so much more. Our complete range of outsourced HR services include payroll, benefits administration, compliance, recruiting, onboarding and all general HR services.

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