Are You Doing Enough to Support Working Parents? By Mark Perlberg

For working parents, trying to find a balance between work obligations and family demands can be overwhelming and exhausting. Many struggle to receive the kind of workplace support they need to balance care for their families with doing their best at work. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for what is right for all companies, however, it makes good business sense to see what changes you can make to cultivate a supportive environment for working parents.  When employees feel like they’re actively supported by their employer, they’re far more likely to stick around.

For example, can you offer flexible scheduling, allowing employees to work with a schedule that best suits their childcare needs? In the case of hourly workers, could you provide a more consistent schedule with ample time to arrange childcare in the event of a schedule change? Encourage managers to be more mindful overall of working parents’ schedules. Plan important meetings, trainings and social events during the work day instead of the evening. These kinds of efforts can help build a workplace culture where parents feel supported and encouraged to grow and advance in their careers.

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