Attracting and Engaging Contingent Workers by Mark Perlberg

Many companies rely on skilled freelancers, consultants and independent contractors as part of their workforce.  Their skills and expertise can help fill a need for a short-term project or help the business scale-up during a busy period.  The most talented contingent workers are able to pick and choose which companies they want to work with so it’s important to keep this part of your workforce in mind. While you may be doing a great job keeping your full-time employees engaged, what are you doing to keep your contingent workforce connected to your business and feeling valued?  How can companies become the “employer of choice” for contingent workers? Start with a focus on communication and connection.  If employers want to develop a continued relationship in the future, be sure that these workers are made to feel part of the team, kept in the loop and recognized or praised when appropriate. These individuals are a key part of any workforce strategy, so make sure you’re making the right moves to attract, engage and retain great skilled contractors.

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