Celebrating Small Wins

As employers, it is important to keep your employees motivated to maximize results. It’s natural and easy to wait for a big accomplishment to pause and celebrate. However, the big, lofty end goals aren’t the only ones worth recognizing.

You may have to dig a little deeper and look past the wins that are typically celebrated, like signing a new client. There are many small, significant steps and accomplishments that also deserve some recognition.

Smaller wins tend to go unnoticed while we focus more on our mistakes and shortcomings. While it’s important to recognize and correct mistakes, change your viewpoint to see that the little wins are actually meaningful steps towards your bigger goals. By recognizing these smaller wins, you are building momentum and reinforcing good habits that will keep your team excited and focused on the bigger goal that is down the road. Here are a few examples of smaller wins that deserve celebrating:

  • Reaching a milestone – You don’t have to wait until the entire project has been completed.  It’s still a victory when you have finished the rough draft of a project or reached the halfway point.
  • Lending a helping hand – Helping out to support a colleague who needs assistance is something to recognize. Each small act of support can snowball and help to create a culture of generous employees supporting each other.
  • A consistent, positive attitude – An employee’s attitude has a significant impact your company’s productivity and morale. Just like negativity, positivity can be contagious. There will always be setbacks and challenges at work, but your team will be more motivated to navigate difficulties with a positive attitude.  Recognize those who help serve as an example and spread positivity among your employees.
  • Contributing to the conversation – Some employees may struggle when it comes to speaking up and sharing ideas at meetings or work-related conversations. It can be a challenge to encourage the employees who prefer not to speak up to share their ideas so when you do get great input, highlight that effort and share your appreciation.
  • Not getting the big win – Your team may have worked hard to secure a new account or retain a key customer, but it just didn’t work out.  Although there is likely disappointment, point out the positive from the situation. Did your team strengthen their presentation skills, learn how to better handle a tough situation or show great effort and collaboration? Help your team to learn from the situation and celebrate their perseverance and growth.

Recognizing and reflecting on these smaller accomplishments will keep your team going. By acknowledging incremental progress and regularly celebrating the small wins, you will keep your employees’ morale high and help guide your team towards big wins in the future.


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