CEOs Wear Two Hats When It Comes to Partnering With a PEO

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), like Oasis, help relieve the burden of nonrevenue-producing tasks such as managing HR administration, payroll and benefits. Partnering with a PEO saves time and resources, and delivers peace of mind by enabling you to focus on your core business and better manage your portfolio of investments.

As a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a private equity (PE) firm, we understand that you need to think both strategically and systematically. Systematically, you need to deeply understand the process, people and technological impacts of changes in strategy, and the interplay among those elements in both the PE firm and its portfolio companies.

The CEO of a PE firm wears two hats when it comes to using PEOs. One is a potential PEO partner for his/her own firm, and another is a source of referral to introduce PEOs to the portfolio companies in which the PE firm invests. When a PEO is used for the latter, it can help to deliver on the strict personal accountability, intense scrutiny and speedy decisions that PE firms demand from their investments. In this situation, the CEO is looking for a “rollout and repeat” relationship with a PEO partner.

In our experience, the CEO’s goals for working with a PEO is to keep the organization running as efficiently and productively as possible to drive growth, manage and reduce costs, attract and retain employees, and acquire insights to make more informed decisions. Partnering with a PEO will help the CEO reduce the time and resources spent on non-core business priorities related to the services the business provides, thereby improving revenue growth potential and profitability.

Why Team Up With a PEO?
Businesses that partner with firms like ours:

  • Grow faster and are more profitable.
  • Reduce employee turnover.
  • Boost employee engagement and productivity.


Oasis is a national provider of outsourcing services that include human resources, payroll administration, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and risk management. We are known as a leading PEO, with clients in all 50 states. Our size, scope, financial stability and affiliation with major insurance carriers help give our clients the peace of mind in knowing that their service requirements are entrusted to companies that are truly best-in-class.

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