Healthcare Reform Takes Center Stage in U.S. Supreme Court

Healthcare Reform (HCR) was a big topic in the news again in the final months of 2011.  In early November, a U.S. appeals court for the District of Columbia affirmed a lower court’s opinion that the law’s minimum coverage is constitutional.  This decision is in conflict with that of two other federal courts that have found the same “individual mandate” provision to be unconstitutional.

2012 promises to be an important year in the history of the bill, because the U.S. Supreme Court will hear an unprecedented 5-½ hours of arguments for and against the “individual mandate” provision.  The case is expected to be a pivotal one in American history as it will help determine the constitutional limits on the power of the federal government.  The court has stated that it will examine the following questions:

  • Does Congress have the authority to require all Americans to maintain basic health coverage and to tax those who do not comply?
  • Do other provisions of the HCR law remain valid if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional?
  • Is Congress, through the HCR law, forcing states to expand Medicaid, thus improperly exercising influence over the states?
  • Is an evaluation of the constitutionality of HCR and the individual mandate premature?  There is opinion that the law cannot be properly challenged until individuals have, in fact, been fined/taxed for lack of coverage.

A ruling is expected before the high court concludes its current session in June 2012.

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