How Can We Better Support Caregivers in the Workplace? By Mark Perlberg

As our population ages, more and more workers are bearing extra responsibilities for caring for family members with a serious illness or disability. Employers need to keep in mind the needs of these employees, who struggle to balance work while caring for others. The burden on caregivers impacts your business, too. Frequent absences and loss of time during business hours handling tasks like setting up doctor appointments, arranging deliveries or dealing with emergencies greatly affects employee productivity and morale.

Some tools to help ease the caregiving responsibilities include allowing flexible schedules, expanding leave policies, offering subsidized back-up care, and providing access to online tools and other caregiving resources, such as EAP or HealthAdvocate. When your company is able to provide support and resources for your caregiver employees, you are really standing out as an employer. Caregiver benefits are an important option in demonstrating empathy, and your commitment to your employees.

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