Managing Flexible Workers, by Mark Perlberg, Vice President, PEO

Offering some or all of your employees flexible working arrangements can benefit both your employees and your business. Employees feel personal control over their schedule and work environment, and experience reductions in commuting time and expenses. Employers can experience increased employee morale, reduced turnover and can develop a reputation as an employer of choice. However, it is important that employers acknowledge that managing flexible teams can present challenges and are not always feasible for all companies, or for certain groups of employees.

Many managers and leaders may know how to handle ordinary working teams, but have no idea about how to handle flexible or remote teams. If you’re thinking of implementing a flexible working system for your employees, keep in mind some of the key issues, including establishing trust, monitoring progress and fostering effective communication. Although implementing a flexible work program may take time and planning, the benefits can be well worth the effort for a small business.

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