Managing People Takes Time and Effort

Do You Have What it Takes?

Oasis recently surveyed nearly 300 U.S. business owners and managers to learn more about the challenges they face in running their organizations. We learned from the study that nearly one-in-two (45%) small businesses spend roughly one day a week or more on administrative HR issues. Further, 35% of owners and managers of businesses in operation for 10 or fewer years spend six to 10 hours a week, and this goes up to 37% for businesses employing 20 to 49 people.

Managing and interacting with people takes time and effort. After all, it’s central to the art of leadership. The survey respondents told us that the top two dislikes of managing people in small businesses are “employees having personal issues that can conflict with work” (41%) and managers feeling “the quality of the work is not always up to par” (23%). The “personal issues” were a greater source of aggravation at companies employing 20 people or more (54%) and with revenues between $500,000 and $999,999 (51%). Only 7% of small business owners said they did not have any dislikes about managing employees.

Being in charge comes with a lot of paperwork and administration; tasks that can be a distraction from the work that needs to get done. Administering payroll, complying with local, state and federal regulations, and offering competitive compensation and benefits are specialized HR skills that require time and resources—two assets that most small business owners find in short supply. What if someone could else help with the HR administration responsibilities for your business?

Is It Time to Team Up With an HR Solutions Provider?

Companies like Oasis work with small business owners and managers to relieve them of nonrevenue-producing tasks so they can focus on the business and deliver expected results. Oasis provides comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll processing, world-class benefits, HR administration, and can assist with regulatory compliance.

Seven Steps for Selecting the Right Resource

  1. Assess your workplace to determine HR and risk-management needs.
  2. Meet the people who will be serving you, and make sure the HR solutions resource is capable of meeting your goals.
  3. Ask for references and talk to them.
  4. Check to ensure the resource has a demonstrated history of adherence to the industry’s professional performance practices (e.g., responsible financial management, independent audits, required certifications, etc.)
  5. Investigate the resources’ administrative expertise and competence.
  6. Clarify how employee benefits will be funded (e.g., are they fully insured or partially self-funded, who is the third-party administrator and is that carrier authorized to do business in your state?)
  7. Understand how employee benefits are tailored and if they will fit the needs of your employees.

Contact Oasis, A Paychex Company, today to learn how we can save you time by taking away the pressure of HR administration so you can get back work and make your business grow. Call 800-557-6393 or click here.

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