Mary Anne Tate, Sr VP, Client Relationship Management – What I’ve Learned About Leadership

As I was asked to reflect on the leadership qualities I have grown to admire over the years, I boil them down to three top qualities – availability, honesty, and humility.
Leadership availability in the literal or physical sense is core to working with a team on their goals and helping them to deliver on the results expected of the organization. Making the time to meet with team mates, understanding their day-to-day job tasks and demonstrating a willingness to assist, if and when needed, helps form strong ties across all parts of the team. 

In addition to physical availability, strong leaders possess a more unique quality which is emotional availability. Those leaders who are keenly aware of the well-being and emotional state of their teams and colleagues…those leaders who connect at a different level to demonstrate they are truly invested in the success of their employees, teams, clients and company…these are the leaders that drive results at another level, getting employees to equally commit and invest in both the company and each other.

Next is honesty…simply defined “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.” Leaders who tackle tough issues and conversations, honestly and without hesitation, in my experience, are respected for being direct and to the point. These conversations are not always easy, but do demonstrate a genuine concern for the person receiving the feedback or message.

Finally there is humility. I am constantly humbled by the passion and commitment I see across teams at Oasis. Leaders who are always on a journey to continue to help others must push themselves to 1) always be learning (modest about what they know and honest about what they don’t know) 2) be natural in their interactions with everyone they come in contact with and 3) be unwavering in their quest to not only lead teams to improved performance, but consistently recognize those who contribute, along the way.

These are the traits I most admire in leaders I have had the distinct pleasure of working with today and throughout my career.

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