Must Read: Why Compliance Matters

Compliance is one of the most complex areas for your business’s human resources function. Compliance requirements touch upon nearly all aspects of HR from recruiting, interviewing, onboarding as well as payroll, training and benefits administration – just to name a few. To add to the complexity, compliance requirements and regulations change at a fever pitch and vary from city to city and state to state. So, this scenario raises an important question…how does even the most experienced and conscientious HR department keep up with matters related to compliance? First, follow a few best practices and second, consider outsourcing. to reduce some of the resource drain and help limit your exposure to risk.

How Compliance Impacts Your Business: 

  • #MeToo is not going away. Training and clear policy to support your efforts towards sexual harassment prevention as well as other types of workplace harassment is at the forefront of your compliance strategy due to the increased legislation and social movement which has created an increased level of awareness in this area.
  • Communication must be inclusive. Workers that are remote, freelance or road warriors can (and should) receive all the same compliance-related communications and postings that the in-office workers receive with the use of technology.
  • Safety is in the spotlight. From natural disasters to workplace shootings, safety in the workplace has become a hot topic in recent years. Businesses in some jurisdictions have had to adjust their safety plans to include active shooter drills and plans for events such as wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes. Readdressing this area on a regular basis is a key component of any sound HR compliance strategy.
  • Employee Leave requirements are expanding. An important area of compliance is related to new leave laws including sick and safe leaves and paid family and medical leaves. . Many companies are looking to ensure compliance with these laws and in some cases incorporate the new requirements into their existing leave policies. 

While the current administration may have made inroads towards its promise to decrease many of the regulations of the past administration, any change to the current occupants of the highest office of the land will likely bring about a few about-faces in areas related to compliance. As a result, attention to compliance should likely increase not decrease in the coming pivotal political years. Add to this, an increased level of social consciousness, as well as employee-friendly initiatives that are on the rise in cities across America and businesses have their hands full trying to keep up and avoid risk. The good news is there is a solid option to consider that frees up your team as well as helps assist with compliance to help you reduce your risk no matter how much the external environment fluctuates. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) like Oasis, a Paychex® Company, are often tapped to be the experts for businesses in the area of compliance and much more. By outsourcing this area of the business, you can help reduce risk and have a team of experts at your fingertips when needed.

In addition to compliance support , Oasis offers expertise in payroll administration, hiring, recruiting and training programs, internal communication strategy, comprehensive benefits packages and more. 

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