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August 24, 2011

Social media has successfully integrated all aspects of our lives; what started out as a tool to stay in touch with friends is now an integral part of business strategies (By the way, did you know Oasis has a Facebook page?)

August 19, 2011

The Performance Review, consisting of a formal Performance Appraisal and Performance Appraisal Meeting, is the cornerstone of a company’s Performance Management System.

The Performance Appraisal, usually performed on an employee’s anniversary or annually based on a company-wide schedule, is a document used to assess the overall performance of the employee for the defined period.  This is a formal document and is utilized to make employment-based decisions. Keep in mind, these employment decisions may be made by future managers; thus, it is important to document your appraisal to be kept in an employee’s file.

The Performance Appraisal and the Performance Appraisal Meeting should be a time to reevaluate expectations, communicate the employee’s overall successes and areas for improvement, as well as guide their future development by establishing defined, achievable, and measurable goals.

August 12, 2011

Performance management is simply defined as a system that ensures goals are consistently being met.  Effective performance management optimizes results by aligning a company’s goals and objectives with the goals and objectives of individual employees.  A company with a strong performance management system operates more effectively and more efficiently.  What is the key?  The key is that performance management systems are no longer just an Annual Performance Appraisal but instead a strategy anchored with ongoing communication and support that includes:

  • Setting Expectations
  • Keeping Performance On-target
  • Realigning Performance
  • Appraising Performance

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