Preparing Incoming Employees for Success on the First Day

The first day on the job is exciting for new employees. They are energized to start a new job and eager to confirm it is a great fit. This is why it is important for managers to help new employees get comfortable on the first day and enjoy a successful onboarding. Here are some tips you can apply that can help with this task.

Set Up a Welcome Announcement
Before your new employee arrives at the workplace, make an announcement about his or her arrival with an introduction, some personal details and the person’s work profile. This can help existing employees initiate healthy conversations and discuss common interests. Strong com-munication at this early stage can help the employee become comfortable more quickly in the new workplace.

Have the Workspace Ready
Make sure that the workspace is set up and ready for new employees to get to work before they arrive. You can assist by preparing office supplies, as well as setting up emails, communication systems and computers.

Update the Staff Directory
Helping new employees get adjusted can be easier once they are already included in the staff database and directory. This allows them to receive important emails, text messages and other deliverables in order to contribute early. It is essential to boost conversations between employees—whether they are old or new—as it helps in developing a comfortable work environment. Having an up-to-date business directory can go a long way toward helping your new employees get settled in.

Reduce the First Day Formalities
The first day at the job is really valuable for an employee, but it typically involves filling out forms, reading company policies and going through other formalities. What you can do to make the process easier is have the employee sign all the paperwork by electronic means (electronic onboarding). This allows all the paperwork to be done instantly and the new employee can start on the actual work sooner.

Make Arrangements for Training Programs
It can be difficult for new employees to understand your work culture and their job responsibilities immediately. You can address this by arranging a special training program that allows your new employees to get an idea about duties and responsibilities without confusion or anxiety.

Plan a Team Activity
An essential thing to do as a manager is to boost teamwork and communication in your work-place. You can do this by helping your new employees develop good relations with their colleagues. Make plans to organize team events, activities or a team lunch as a way to introduce new employees to the rest of the company.

In summary, helping your new employees feel like a special part of the organization is a way to ensure loyalty and happiness in working with you. Your team also has a part to play in welcoming and allowing new employees to realize their potential. Discuss these strategies with your team before a new employee comes in on the first day so you can be prepared.

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