Relocating Your Business by Mark Perlberg, CEO

As your company grows, you might consider a relocation for your business at some point. Moving into a bigger space or to a more desirable location is an exciting time for any company but for those managing the relocation, it can be hugely stressful. You may be focused on the logistics of moving expensive equipment and valuable customer data so you can get back into full operations as quickly as possible. But have you considered the impact on your staff, particularly if they are being asked to move their home or commute further?

Office relocations can be a sensitive subject, especially if there are considerable changes to take into account.  And if you are moving to another city or across state lines, there may be different tax, license, permitting requirements and employment laws to review as well. Oasis is here to offer advice on best practices on all aspects of Human Resources, including retaining top talent and employment law compliance.

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