Simple Steps to a Safer Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to operate safely. Keeping employees safe is essential to creating a healthy workplace environment that they will enjoy working in. While the focus over the past few months has been on hygiene and preventing the spread of illness, let’s not forget about some of the simple steps that we can all take to prevent common injuries.


Beware of spills

Whether you work alone in a home office or with others, it’s a must to clean up all spills immediately. Many slips and falls happen when spills have not been properly cleaned up. Putting down a non-slip floor mat at the entry of your workplace can also help avoid puddles accumulating due to wet weather.


Avoid a fall

Remind employees to keep their workspace clear from anything that could cause a trip or fall. Look for wires running across the floor, boxes or other equipment that could get in the way. Remove clutter, close doors and drawers after use and keep cords and wires tucked out of the way.


Stay Cool

Working or spending time outside in high temperatures can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not followed. During hot weather, take steps to protect yourself from the sun. Avoid heat-related illnesses by applying sunscreen, staying hydrated and wearing a hat and sunglasses when possible.


Take breaks

It’s important to take a break to keep your brain and body fresh. Taking an occasional 10-15-minute break can reduce fatigue and stress. Breaks can also keep your employees more focused and engaged in their work, enabling them to complete their tasks more accurately with fewer mistakes.


Prevent pain

Encourage proper office ergonomics to help prevent back, shoulder, neck, wrist and hand pain. Whether you are working in an office or at home, remind employees to pay attention to their posture and set up their work area to help ensure comfort and prevent pain or injury.

    • Try to adjust your chair so your feet rest on the floor and your knees are level with your hips. If your chair isn’t supportive, put a cushion or pillow between the curve of your back and the back of your chair.
    • Keep your wrist in a straight position when typing. Try not to tilt them up or down as you type.
    • If you spend a lot of time on phone calls, wear a headset if possible to prevent cradling the phone between your neck and shoulder.


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