Three Ways to Improve Teamwork

You already know that your employees are more productive and innovative when they are actively collaborating, so how can you improve the level of teamwork in your business? Here are three tactics you can use right now to improve teamwork throughout your business.

1. Train Company Leaders on Teamwork Techniques
Just like everything else in your business, teamwork starts at the top. Are the members of your management team good team players? If you really want to improve the quality of the teamwork throughout the organization, invest in training your leaders on how to build and lead teams.

This training should be given to your entire leadership team, including the team leaders or managers of all of your units.

This training accomplishes two things. One, it gives your leaders the skills they need to create dynamic teams that work as cohesive units. Two, it proves that you are serious about teamwork. Once your leadership team understands that you are serious about teamwork, they will be to.

2. Take a Break Together
Science has proven that when you take breaks together you not only grow closer together, but you work together better. Taking breaks actually makes your team more productive.

Once a week take a break as a team. It could be something as simple as getting coffee or lunch together. The key is to not turn the break into a meeting. Let people talk and socialize about whatever they want. Don’t ban all talk of work either. Often during breaks people will make mental connections that they can then go back to the office and use.

Over time, team members will look forward to these weekly breaks. They will not only provide a much needed release of stress, but they will also fuel the team’s proactivity and innovation levels.

3. Define Roles for Each Team Member
One of the biggest obstacles to improving teamwork is the tendency of many groups to only use contributions from a few team members. Employees who are introverts, or who are new, may not feel that their contributions are appreciated. Over time, they will contribute less and less.

This hurts the overall performance of the team. If you want to get the most out of your team, make sure that everyone has clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

These roles should not be set in stone. With each project, roles should be shuffled around to take advantage of everyone’s skills, to give more people the chance to be in leadership positions, and to avoid the impression that you have“favorites.”

When someone has a defined role for a project, they understand what is expected of them and they will rise to the occasion. You will get more contributions from everyone. When your employees understand that they are not trapped permanently in their current roles, it also helps smooth over hurt feelings and can help employees contribute at a high level, even when they are not happy with their current assignment, because they know it is not permanent.

Teamwork is important to the overall success of the company. For more information on how Oasis can assist your business in this or any area of Human Resources, contact Oasis Outsourcing at 866-AT-OASIS (866-286-2747) or visit us online at

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