Unpaid Internships: What Employers Need to Know by Mark Perlberg, CEO

With summer approaching, both students and businesses are making internship plans. Employers should take note that the rules regarding interns under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) have changed since last year.  In recent years, employers were required to meet six specific criteria before interns could go unpaid. However, the Department of Labor has now adopted less strict standards than in the past.

If you had changed your internship program from an unpaid to a paid one… should you go back? If you don’t pay your interns, how can you ensure your internship program is in compliance? Although there are now less rigid standards, employers must still be mindful not to treat interns and students in ways that could lead to liability for failing to classify them as employees. Oasis is here to advise our clients on the best HR strategy for internship programs and ensure they are in compliance in all areas of employment law.

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