Preparing a Workplace Bullying Policy by Mark Perlberg, CEO

Bullying in the workplace is a real issue that impacts employees, whether they are a target or a witness, and it can have serious effects on physical health, mental health and relationships. The effects of workplace bullying are not limited to victims. When bullied employees are no longer happy at work and consider changing jobs, companies are affected by higher turnover rates. Employees who remain in their jobs are likely to be less motivated and may try to avoid coming to work as often as possible. There is also the possibility that a victim could sue the company for legal damages.

One of the first steps towards minimizing workplace bullying at your company is to have a clearly worded policy that prohibits any type of bullying behavior. What are the keys to developing a strong policy against bullying in your organization? Best practices start with defining what is considered bullying and providing some concrete examples. Your policy should also outline how employees can report bullying, provide a detailed explanation on how the complaint and investigation process works, and ensure that employees can report bullying without fear of punishment or retaliation. Finally, you must list the consequences of violating the anti-bullying rules. Oasis is here to help clients develop HR policies to avoid legal exposure and create a healthy work environment for all employees.


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