Oasis Helps University with Essential Business Functions

Oasis has developed a successful relationship with a large university, providing them with comprehensive human resources solutions. The organization has realized significant savings in cost and time as a result of Oasis’s handling of such HR-related services as hiring, compliance, payroll and benefits.

The Challenge

Private schools and colleges face many challenges outside of their primary mission—educating students. Many colleges have multiple locations in different states which means they have to keep track of compliance laws in those states. Other challenges private schools and colleges face include:

  • The need for the ability to offer a benefits-rich package to compete with larger schools.
  • The need for Human Resources guidance for issues like legal terminations, progressive discipline and compliance with state and local laws.
  • The need for training and/or consulting on human resources issues.
  • The need for accurate, timely payroll processing.
  • Help with staffing issues.

Many colleges say that one of their greatest challenges is identifying and recruiting qualified employees. This university was no different. Access to Oasis StaffSourcing provided them with a cost-effective tool with which to overcome these challenges. Being able to access advertising discounts, background screening and candidate search expertise leaves private schools or colleges free to evaluate applicants based on their skills, talent and personalities—the characteristics in a person that can contribute to a college’s profitability.

The Solution

Oasis was selected to be the university’s PEO partner. This enabled their faculty and staff to focus on the more strategic aspects of their business while Oasis handled such responsibilities as human resources compliance, benefits, payroll, staffing and risk management. An off-site Oasis Service Team was created to manage the relationship on-site.

The Results

Handling the university’s payroll gives the administration and staff peace of mind. After all, if payroll is processed incorrectly, serious consequences can arise. By using the Oasis payroll system the university’s management knows that their employees will be paid correctly and on time.

For a college to grow and prosper, it must protect its greatest assets—its staff. A desirable benefits package is critical to attracting and retaining a quality faculty and staff in today’s competitive marketplace. Teaming with Oasis has enabled the university to choose from a wide range of affordable benefits, such as group health insurance, dental, vision, a flexible spending account and a 401(k) plan just to name a few. In addition to offering these benefits, Oasis also handles the administration of benefits.

Oasis offers all of the services that a company needs to run its business. Having all of the services outsourced allows the company to focus on growing the business.

- Kristen C. Insurance Industry

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