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Employee benefits packages that can help make you an employer of choice

Attract and retain the very best talent with access to a cost-effective, comprehensive employee benefits package from Oasis, which can help you level the playing field with Fortune 500 companies, take time-consuming HR administrative responsibilities off your plate, and is supported with seamless employee benefits administration.

Employee-centric benefits services

An efficient way to deliver world-class employee benefits services

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Attract and retain the very best employees

Improve your ability to attract, motivate, and retain quality workers with access to competitive benefits packages that include core offerings as well as non-traditional perks, financial resources, and discount programs.

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Offer a full spectrum of benefits that appeal to all employees

We can help you offer and administer core desirable benefits such as health insurance plans, dental and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), life insurance, and 401(k) plans.

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Streamline benefits administration

Offering benefits doesn’t mean taking on more administrative responsibilities. Instead, our automated benefits administration technology can help you manage eligibility tracking, enrollment forms, benefits changes, and much more.

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Seamlessly conduct open enrollment

Our integrated benefits administration system helps employees learn about plan options and opt into benefits during open enrollment or the onboarding process.

What do you get with employee benefits services from Oasis?

We know how critical offering a competitive employee benefits package is to help you become an employer of choice. That’s why we give you access to cost-effective, comprehensive offerings and take time-consuming administrative tasks off your plate.

Health insurance

Depending on where you’re located, we offer multiple healthcare benefits plan designs wherever they’re available, including HMO, POS, PPO, HSA, and HDHP. We also offer plans with telehealth options.

Vision and dental insurance

Round out your health benefit offerings with options available in your area.

Employee assistance programs (EAP)

Confidential resources and support that help employees deal with challenges head-on — counseling, resolving medical claims, managing stress, stopping smoking, or losing weight — can reinforce your commitment to their well-being.

Financial savings tools

Support your workforce in their efforts to secure their financial future. Oasis offers 401(k) plans, HSAs, and our financial wellness tool, FinFit, to help your team achieve their financial goals.

Why outsourced employee benefit services make sense for your business

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Benefits administration plagues many employers

32% of business owners struggle with offering competitive employee benefits and compensation.1

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Improve benefits offerings without additional costs

PEO clients can reduce the cost of health insurance benefits, compared to those who go it alone.2

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Stay competitive while alleviating your administrative responsibilities

One of the most frequent tasks that business owners would like to outsource is 401(k) and benefits.1

Retirement plan offerings

Planning for a secure financial future — whether that means saving for retirement or a child’s college education — is typically a high priority for employees. Offer them flexible benefits to help them at any stage of their financial journey, demonstrate your dedication to helping them reach long-term goals, and provide offerings directly from your centralized benefits administration system. A registered retirement plan representative can also help you craft a customized plan that meets your specific business needs and objectives, and will conduct an enrollment meeting to assist your employees in deferral rate and investment fund selection.

  • 401(k) retirement plans: Full administration with up to 34 investment options, 24/7 employee access, and multiple educational opportunities to explore and grow savings.
  • Dedicated management system: 401(k) management system allows employees to have their investments actively managed by a third-party Certified Money Manager.
  • Flexible plan design: Meet your company’s needs and give employees 24/7 online access to change investment options, transfer balances, and request loans.
  • Maintain compliance: Oasis helps ensure you’re following guidelines for compliance testing and analysis, plan audits, and 5500 tax filing.

This is what running a great business feels like.

  • Oasis offers the expertise in HR & Benefits that we would not be readily available to handle on our own. The team provides relevant and timely information on legal & regulatory requirements, efficient payroll processing, and a cost effective benefit program, which allows us to focus on what we do best.
    Patti L.,
    Restaurant Industry
  • Oasis is a one stop solution. In addition to providing payroll services, it also provides compliance help, human resources help, employee practices liability insurance, as well as workers’ compensation, health, dental, vision, and affordable 401(k) plans.
    Bryan E.,
    Franchisor Business
  • Oasis has been very proactive in working with myself, as CFO responsible for Human Resources. Oasis has assisted in refining our HR programs and keeping us updated on all HR, medical, 401(k) and payroll compliance. I personally have found Oasis to be very helpful in its work ethic, thoroughness, and especially response time when I call with any questions regarding payroll and benefits administration.
    Al C.,
    Engineering Industry

What is a Professional Employer Organization?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a business entity that provides HR outsourcing services to client companies. Oasis is one of the best in the nation.

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Be part of the Oasis advantage

Access employee-centric HR solutions to support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle. You will attract and develop talent, process benefits and payroll, and maintain regulatory compliance.