Employee Development Adds Value

In lieu of salary increases and bonuses, employers can still show their appreciation and long-term support of employees by providing training as a way to retain good employees when budgets are tight. Employees have an innate need to learn more about their jobs and be a better employee. They want to understand their roles better and become subject matter experts. They also want opportunities for growth; not necessarily a promotion. Perhaps this is the year for your organization to focus on employee development.

Within your organization, you can begin by determining what skills are needed to survive and thrive in our nation’s current economy and identify how employees can develop these skills. Can they read and understand work instructions in more detail? Is a webinar or eLearning solution appropriate for your company and employees? Can they sit with the experienced co-worker to apply a hands-on learning approach? Can you coach them through the learning experience? No matter which one of these development approaches you use, make sure you follow-up with employees. Hold employees accountable to the outcomes of the development. (Yes, this is time-consuming, but, oh so necessary!)

A webinar or other online learning solution may be the best way to develop your employees. These eLearning solutions are available 24/7 and can be fit into a variety of schedules. Oasis PEO clients can join one of our professional facilitators for a real-time, interactive online Human Resources & Management Development training sessions. To register for an Oasis Webinar, log on to the Employee Services Website and click on Training & eLearning.

Learn to have “coaching” dialogues with your employees. Agree on the development outcome together, then debrief their work experiences together. Let them determine what went well and what didn’t, then determine an action plan for next time. When employees are able to process their learning, the knowledge gained is permanent. If they are told where and why they did not perform to expectation, they might hear the conversation, but then forget its true intent—to change behavior.

Investing the time to develop and coach employees now will provide financial rewards for your organization in the future. An engaged, knowledgeable and confident worker can help carry an organization through troubled times. All it takes is time!

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