Employee Retention an Issue?

Just as the maintenance of customer loyalty is much less expensive than the search for new customers, the same holds true of employees. So how do you keep your current employees? Without solid retention processes in place, you could be spending a lot more time than you need to searching for new candidates.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

One of the ways you can improve retention is through Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Employee Satisfaction Surveys help employers measure and understand their employees’ attitudes, opinions, motivation and satisfaction. The organization can use the results to develop action plans that address areas for improvement. Oasis’s team of HR professionals can work with your organization to develop an employee satisfaction survey and assist your management team with developing action plans. This service is available to all PEO clients.

Career Pathing

Career pathing is a process for identifying specific career opportunities within a company’s structure and outlining the steps to achieve career goals. It is also a helpful way to develop and grow internal employee talent so they are prepared to take on additional or new roles and responsibilities.

Career opportunities boost morale, match organizational needs with the best candidates, and help keep valuable employees committed to the company. In addition, companies with career pathing programs often experience increased productivity and decreased turnover. Ultimately, the more successful your employees are, the more successful your company is likely to be.

Retaining employees is an important factor in maintaining a competitive advantage in an organization. It ensures that company knowledge and “know how” remain in the organization, and it builds organizational and process stability and consistency.

I am a fan of their website- the payroll process is simple and easy to customize, the reports are easy to find and download.

- Suzie S. Retail Industry

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