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Financial Services

Changing Workplace

Nearly every activity in your industry is being reimagined for digital transformation, to enrich the customer experience, or to compete with new market entrants.

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Spotlight on Financial Services Businesses

  • "Great news! I just heard from my local bank and they have approved my SBA PPP loan. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I know you went out of your way to help me. So thank you very, very much."

    Greg P.,
    Financial Services Industry
  • "In this time of uncertainty with our country and economy you all have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate your help and dedication to making sure I had everything I needed to file for the Payroll Protection Program and even following up to make sure I had what I needed to file for the forgiveness part of the program. My employees have never had to wonder if their check would be there."
    Roger F.,
    Insurance Industry
  • "The PEO takes the burden off of our small company by managing vital service areas [and] taking care of them in an efficient manner."
    Melissa W.,
    Financial Services Industry
  • "Oasis offers all of the services that a company needs to run its business."
    Kristin C.,
    Insurance Company
Industry Spotlight

Become an employer of choice

  • 57%

    57% of financial service firms do not have an employee handbook or policy manual.1

  • 43%

    43% of finance firms don’t have a formal process in place to review employee performance. 13% said they provide feedback less than once a year.

  • 31%

    31% of finance business owners rely on manual practices like handwriting checks and using a payroll system that doesn’t provide reports or has limited capacity (27%).

Industry Spotlight

Gain efficiencies

Navigating complex and time-consuming HR administration functions at your financial service firm can get in the way of serving customers, delivering results to stakeholders and building a great team.

Oasis HR Technology
Financial Services

Manage Risk and Reduce HR Administration

The finance sector is being disrupted by digital transformation and striving for enhanced customer experiences. That’s why we conducted a study of 150 financial service firms on the HR administration challenges and opportunities they face.

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