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Technology & Engineering

Drive Growth, Maintain Compliance

Your sector is experiencing rapid growth and is being challenged to maintain compliance with ever-changing employment laws and regulations. This is where a PEO can help.

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Spotlight on technology and engineering companies

  • "A PEO offers Payroll services that ensure compliance with the state and federal tax laws and HR services that ensure compliance with the employment laws."
    Amanda S.,
    Technology Sector
  • "Oasis offers expertise in HR & Benefits for matters that we would not be able to handle on our own. The team is very responsive to our numerous questions across challenging time zones and they provide efficient payroll processing and a comprehensive benefits program to our staff that we would not be able to offer by ourselves."
    Michelle C.,
    Technology Industry
  • "Oasis has been very proactive in working with myself, as CFO responsible for Human Resources. Oasis has assisted in refining our HR programs and keeping us updated on all HR, medical, 401(k) and payroll compliance. I personally have found Oasis to be very helpful in its work ethic, thoroughness, and especially response time when I call with any questions regarding payroll and benefits administration."
    Al C.,
    Engineering Industry
Technology Spotlight

Become an employer of choice

  • 56%

    56% of technology firms do not have an employee handbook or policy manual.1

  • 40%

    40% of technology firms don’t have a formal process in place to review employee performance. 9% said they provide feedback less than once a year.

  • 27%

    27% of technology owners rely on manual practices like handwriting checks and using a payroll system that doesn’t provide reports or has limited capacity (35%).

Technology Spotlight

Outsource HR administration

While you know you should be spending your time exploring innovations and leveraging industry advancements, instead you find yourself juggling your tech company’s HR issues. Watch the video below to learn about the benefits of outsourcing HR to Oasis.

drive efficiency and productivity
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Create operational efficiencies

Few industries experience continual and rapid change like the technology sector. That’s why we conducted a study of 150 technology firms on the HR administration challenges and opportunities they face.

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When you work with Oasis, you are able to take full advantage of our size, strength, and relationships with leading benefits providers. We provide remarkable value by offering integrated, cost-effective solutions for your business.