Fast-growing IT and Business Consulting Firm Partners with Oasis to Elevate Employee Benefits and Reduce Risk

Smaller technology firms are under pressure to attract top talent to scale and grow rapidly.  Oasis offers extensive Human Resources solutions for the technology industry.

Challenge: Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Environment

With just under 30 employees, this NY-based small subsidiary of an international Business and IT consulting firm experienced significant issues with obtaining affordable healthcare.  The company’s consultant staff included a large number of European recruits who expected a full comprehensive benefits package comparable to what is standard abroad.  Like many small firms in the technology industry, this firm also faced competition from larger firms recruiting the same highly sought-after employees. A rich benefits package is a key way to attract and retain talent in today’s competitive environment.

Prior to partnering with Oasis, the company wasn’t able to offer its employees a dental or vision plan because there were simply no carriers who would offer a policy for a small group.  Leveraging Oasis’s size and buying power, the firm is now able compete against bigger firms and offer its employees a stable, best-in-class benefits package.  As a result, employees enjoy top-tier health, dental and vision plans as well as a 401(k) with a company match.

Challenge: Minimizing HR-Related Employee Risk

This technology firm consists of consultants who work offsite at a client’s location and company leadership may go weeks at a time without seeing an employee face-to-face.  This occasionally led to unexpected employee situations. As part of the PEO partnership, the client was able to call the Oasis Relationship Manager for immediate access to HR expertise when issues arose. Oasis coached the client on how to properly handle a timekeeping issue when an employee didn’t actually work the days he/she had reported.

Another situation involved an issue where the company had hired an international candidate on a visa and provided housing.  The apartment had extensive damage and the company had to figure out how to deal with this unusual situation.  In both cases, the Oasis Relationship Manager was able to help the client make informed decisions and take steps to avoid costly mistakes.

The Positive Impact of a PEO Relationship:

The partnership between Oasis and the technology firm resulted in reduced employee turnover as the company’s ability to offer the same types of benefits as the bigger players in the industry.  Oasis’s team of experts has also provided guidance and helped the company to navigate tricky employee issues as well as provided a streamlined HR administration giving this business the ability to easily scale up or down with minimal impact.

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Oasis is a fabulous organization. All of our reps go above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are being met.

- Helen P. Medical Industry

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