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Katie Roth, SHRM SCP, SPHR Manager, Talent Acquisition

What piece of advice have you received that you would like to pass on? 

When I was in college, I had the great fortune of getting a roommate who was an A student. I was not. She said she really wasn’t an A student but because she did a couple things the instructor would give her the benefit of the doubt and she would get the higher grade. For example, – if she was on the bubble of getting an A- in a class she would get an A. These things included sitting in front of the class, meeting the instructor, checking out some of the books from the suggested reading list (and holding them in the crook of her elbow when she talked to him/her), and asking questions.

None of these things cost any money – just some time and effort. What it taught me was you really don’t have to do that much more to set yourself apart from the rest of the world. Just some time and effort. BTW, she really was an A+ student, she went on to Harvard’s School of Architecture and thankfully, I graduated from college!

All of my questions have been dealt with in a very timely manner. I like having dedicated contacts. It allows me to form a working relationship with a couple of people, rather than calling a 1-800 number and being put in a queue for the next available representative.

- Chris R. Retail Industry

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