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Mark Perlberg, President and Chief Executive Officer

What are some great habits that you have developed while working at Oasis?

“One habit that has evolved over my tenure here is the development of a follow-up system. The PEO business requires juggling a lot of different initiatives on any given day and a big focus is making sure that we continue to move forward on key items. The other “habit” or process I have put in place is ensuring I spend time in the field. That could be at our sales offices, with our clients and/or with our potential clients. That interaction with our client-facing teams and directly with our clients is one of the most important parts of being the CEO of Oasis.”


[I find that] HR handles the legal issues, the benefits are priced better through Oasis, and payroll handles all of the taxes. With all of these areas being handled by Oasis, it frees up my time to focus on my business and puts my mind at ease knowing that experts are handling everything.

- Brad L. Retail Industry

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