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Senior managers in most companies have a passion for their particular areas of expertise, but they often find themselves spending less time working in their areas of core competency and more time working with back-office paperwork and administrative duties. Unfortunately, that’s fairly typical for small- to medium-sized businesses which do not have the internal infrastructure to deal with the complexities of payroll, benefits, unemployment taxes, and so on. Oasis can help. We are a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides administrative services which relieve companies of many of their employment-related burdens, while providing superior human resources expertise.

The Value Proposition

In a nutshell, we provide customized, cost-effective solutions that allow you to improve your business in four key ways: First, you can Focus on Business Growth by removing nonrevenue producing tasks and spending more time on what counts: running your business efficiently and profitably. Second, you can Lower Expenses & Increase Profits by outsourcing your Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll Administration tasks to a provider that has economies of scale and broad expertise. Third, you can Become an Employer of Choice by providing world-class benefits programs that enable you to attract and retain great employees. And finally, you can Maintain Peace of Mind by protecting your business with improved legal compliance, risk management, safety support, training and claims processing services. Oasis delivers this value proposition with an extensive offering of products and services in these key employment-related areas:

  • Human Resources Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll Administration
  • Risk Management

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All of my questions have been dealt with in a very timely manner. I like having dedicated contacts. It allows me to form a working relationship with a couple of people, rather than calling a 1-800 number and being put in a queue for the next available representative.

- Chris R. Retail Industry

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