Oasis® HR Solutions for Information Technology

You’ve worked hard to get your Information Technology (IT) firm where it is today—but keeping track of complex human resources laws and administering payroll can really reduce the time you spend doing what you do best: providing your clients with leading IT solutions.

Taking Your Technology Business Further

Are you concerned about maintaining compliance? achieving time and cost savings? talent acquisition and development? Oasis® HR Solutions for IT can address these challenges and more in a cost-efficient manner! Partnering with Oasis will help your business:

  • Stay Current on Legislative Changes and Take Advantage of HR Best Practices 
    • Oasis is up-to-date on ever-changing employment laws, and we will provide current updates, changes and best practices so you can manage through this legislative landscape.
    • Oasis can help ensure you remain in compliance with federal, state and local wage and hour laws which can be more complex for businesses with multiple locations in multiple states.
  • Gain Access to Great Benefits Plans
    • The partnership with Oasis gives you access to affordable benefits that can level the playing field with larger IT companies who are competing for the same employees. Our best-in-class benefits packages not only include medical and dental, but also vision, life and disability insurance, telemedicine, 401(k) plans, employee discount programs and more!
    • Have employees in multiple states? Oasis can consolidate your renewal dates and offer plan designs to accommodate all income levels.
  • Acquire and Develop Talent 
    • Oasis® StaffSourcing helps you meet your hiring demands with full recruiting, selection and pre-employment screening tools—all with guaranteed results.
    • Additionally, training opportunities at Oasis are robust with more than 7,000 online options for employees on a variety of topics, including leadership, compliance, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Build a Stronger Culture
    • Effectively managing your workforce requires tools that allow for goal setting, measuring employee performance and providing feedback. The Oasis performance management system makes this process easier for you, allowing you to create a culture of productivity and accountability.
    • Oasis also assists clients in development of employee engagement surveys and provides behavioral assessment tools.
  • Create Efficiencies in Everyday Tasks 
    • Oasis provides an integrated solution for client onboarding, payroll administration, benefits, human resources and workers’ compensation. Many key items are accessible via the Mobile App as well.
  • Improve Compliance Practices for Independent Contractors
    • Many technology companies utilize independent contractors – some in other states. Oasis can handle the complexity associated with state employment tax filings for contractors in other states and also review arrangements to help mitigate misclassification risks.

Compensation Analysis

Overall compensation – including benefits and perks – is a big factor when competing for key employees. Our infographic, Confidently Compensate Your Employees, covers many of these important items and can help you decide if a compensation analysis is right for you!

Working With Oasis

As a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we offer key products and services that provide value to your technology firm including HR Services, Payroll Administration, Employee Benefits, and Risk Management. These integrated, cost-effective PEO solutions, allow you to:

  • Focus on Your Core Business – Remove nonrevenue-producing tasks and spend more time on what counts: running your technology business efficiently and profitably.
  • Lower Expenses and Increase Profits – Outsource your human resources, benefits, payroll administration and risk management tasks to a provider that has economies of scale and broad expertise–and gain access to cost-saving solutions.
  • Become an Employer of Choice – Provide world-class Employee Benefits programs that enable you to attract and retain great employees.
  • Maintain Peace of Mind – Our risk management, safety support, training and claims processing services can provide regulatory compliance guidance to help protect your business.

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Oasis offers expertise in HR & Benefits for matters that we would not be able to handle on our own. The team is very responsive to our numerous questions across challenging time zones and they provide efficient payroll processing and a comprehensive benefits program to our staff that we would not be able to offer by ourselves.

- Michelle C. Technology Industry

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