Oasis Outsourcing eLearning Course Offerings

The eLearning System is a web-based portal that allows Oasis Outsourcing PEO clients to access online training courses that cover a variety of topics from HR and soft skill courses to technical and computer-related courses.  

The benefit of the online system is that employees are able to take courses at their convenience. In addition, employees can take the courses in scheduled intervals, with the ability to stop a course and pick it back up when they have time. Small tests are given throughout the content which learners must pass in order to move to the next portion of the course.

eLearning is available 24×7, with access to a wide range of flexible learning opportunities so that learning can happen at the office, at home or on the road.  

Included eLearning Series Topics

Clients receive a series of 23 bundled course topics, which include 232 courses, as part of their Oasis Outsourcing relationship. Below is a list of these included series with the number of courses listed in parenthesis.  

Traditional eLearning Programs (Interactive Slides with Tests)

General Topics

  • Business Ethics Series (4 courses)
  • Dealing with Difficult People Series (7 courses)
  • Effective Business Communications Series (7 courses)
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Series – CA 1825 Compliant (4 courses)
  • Time Management Fundamentals Series (5 courses)
  • Health and Safety – OSHA 10 Series (10 courses)
  • Health and Safety – Spanish Language Series (21 courses)  

Management Topics

  • Management Skills Introduction Series (7 courses)
  • Motivation Series (5 courses)
  • Teams the Work Series (2 courses)  

Computer Topics (End-User Series)

  • Excel 2007 (6 courses)
  • PowerPoint 2007 Series (8 courses)
  • Word 2007 Series (6 courses)  

Video-Based eLearning Programs (Videos with slides, interactive activities and tests)

General Topics

  • Customer Service Series (4 courses)
  • Communication Series (15 courses)
  • Self-Management Series (15 courses)
  • Workplace Environment Series (12 courses)  

Management Topics

  • Coaching Series (4 courses)
  • Finance Series (7 courses)
  • Leading Teams Series (7 courses)
  • Management Series (21 courses)
  • Managing Within the Law Series (16 courses)   

In addition to the free courses listed above, there are 2,000 additional eLearning courses available at heavily discounted rates. To enroll in eLearning courses, go to www.oasisadvantage.com, log in, click on “Training & eLearning,” then click on the “Oasis eLearning Center” link.

Another thing that makes Oasis stand out to me is that its invoice is straightforward and easy to understand. I feel like I have a better idea of where my payroll dollars are going.

- Chris R. Retail Industry

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