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Streamline talent acquisition with HR onboarding software

Become an employer of choice who makes a great first impression during the onboarding and orientation processes. Oasis onboarding software helps you successfully bring on new employees and set the tone for employee engagement and productivity. Once the onboarding process is complete, we can also help you get employees up to speed on your benefits offering, payroll processes, and training opportunities.

Let Oasis help you deliver a positive onboarding experience

  • Seamless electronic onboarding expedites the process for employees to fill out paperwork and managers to make approvals, both of which can be completed online. This can make the process more efficient, minimize mistakes, and save time.
  • Crucial new-hire information — including orientation materials, forms, benefits information, and employee handbooks — is seamlessly maintained and integrated in one central and convenient location.
  • More efficient processes can mean happy employees from Day 1. From the employee’s first day until the day you have a fully productive employee, we work with you to deliver an onboarding experience that creates the foundation for an employee’s long-term success and satisfaction.
  • Seamless integration with our applicant tracking system transforms the way your company finds new talent and accelerates your overall hiring process.

Our commitment to your onboarding needs

Help new hires hit the ground running

Orient and onboard new employees more efficiently

Our Client Services Website provides critical support when orienting new hires, while enabling employees to quickly become part of your company and start making meaningful contributions.

Help ensure compliance by getting all paperwork completed and signed 

Expedite and automate the completion of required new-hire paperwork and reporting, including Form I-9, Form W-4, E-Verify where applicable, any required state forms, and more.

Access Oasis Electronic Onboarding

Leverage our easy-to-use software to onboard your new employees. Our employee onboarding service includes employee self-service features and extensive reporting options.

Build a customized employee handbook

Develop an employee handbook specific to your business so employees know what to expect from their first day and onward. Handbooks are also available for future access on both the Client Services Website and the Employee Services Website.

"Hiring and onboarding is standardized and electronic. You simply cannot make a mistake in the hiring and onboarding process."
Nicolas M.,
Franchisor Business
Exceptional Technology

Efficient employee onboarding software

Our solutions support you at every step of the employee life cycle, and that starts with recruiting and hiring. Oasis Electronic Onboarding software can help with all aspects of your onboarding and orientation process, leaving you with more time to focus on core business initiatives.

Along with onboarding software, our PEO includes:

Answers to frequently asked questions about Oasis onboarding software

  • What is onboarding software?

    Onboarding software is technology used by employers to bring newly hired employees into the workplace, with the ultimate goal of integrating the new hire into the organization and acclimating them to their new work environment. Onboarding software provides the new hire with information, company resources, and documents and forms that they can complete directly in the system. For the employer, this technology expedites new-hire reporting, houses paperwork in one centralized location, and offers a way to easily communicate and share new-hire information.

  • Why use onboarding software?

    Onboarding software is a critical aspect of an effective overall onboarding experience, and can be the first step in a lasting relationship with your employee. Although it’s critical to make a great first impression with new hires, this doesn’t mean having additional administrative burdens. Instead, onboarding software can help you conveniently address new-hire requirements and provide information to new staff members./p>

  • Who should use onboarding software?

    Onboarding software can benefit businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Since our onboarding software is part of our PEO service, it may be particularly beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses looking for cost-effective ways to improve their onboarding experience — including access to an electronic Form I-9 and allowing hiring managers to complete required documents.

  • How can I improve the onboarding experience?

    A positive onboarding experience ties directly to employee engagement, retention, and your business’s reputation as an employer of choice. With so much at stake, you may want to assess your current onboarding process and look for ways to improve it, such as:

    • Preparing and communicating with the new hire well before Day 1
    • Making orientation unique and fun
    • Migrating necessary paperwork online
    • Coaching supervisors and managers to take part
  • How is onboarding part of the Oasis PEO?

    Our PEO service impacts and supports every touchpoint of the employee life cycle. This can begin with recruitment, onboarding, and orientation of new employees. Our integrated technology makes it easy to bring on new employees. Once you’ve hired a new employee, we can continue to support your business and employees with services such as benefits administration, performance management tools, and replacing or hiring more employees as your business grows.

Be part of the Oasis advantage

Access employee-centric PEO and HR solutions to support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle. By working with Oasis, you can attract and retain talent, offer world-class employee benefits, streamline payroll processing, and access regulatory compliance support.