Payroll processing services to meet your company’s needs.

We can help to streamline payroll processing and the administrative activities that go along with it. Leverage our expertise to help ensure employees are paid on time and accurately.

Employee Centric

Maintain legislative and regulatory compliance and payroll accuracy

Support to maintain compliance with employment laws and regulations

Get compliance support to address ongoing changes to federal, state and local laws, and automatically file payroll taxes.

Get reliability with our online payroll processing services

Our industry-leading Oasis™ Client Services Website and on-staff experts will have you running payroll in minutes.

Reduce time spent on administration and increase accuracy

Complete accurate payroll administration for taxes, credits and workers’ compensation.

Keep records at your fingertips

Employee records, deposit options, expense management, timekeeping and labor management are just a click away.

Efficient payroll tracking, processing and reporting.

  • Workforce management
  • Tax administration & credits
  • Compliance & administration
  • Job costing
  • W-2 filing
  • PTO tracking
  • Workers’ compensation claims administration
  • SOC Audit
  • Payroll accrual, tracking, processing & reporting
  • Payroll updates (raises, deductions, advances & garnishments)
  • Customized deposit options
  • Payroll recordkeeping
  • Web-based payroll system
  • Expense management
  • Timekeeping
Client Centric

Get more time on your side

  • 61%

    61% of business owners said they plan to outsource payroll in the year ahead.1

  • 27%

    Clients who work with a PEO like Oasis can save 27% in HR costs each year.2

  • 45%

    Nearly half (45%) of business owners spend roughly one day a week or more on administrative HR issues.1

With Oasis by your side, you can run your business fearlessly

  • “I want to thank your team for all the help you gave me while entering ALL of our seasonal staff for this payroll! Due to COVID-19 much of their training was done online, and you all were great getting everyone entered in time for them all to be included on our payroll!”
    Barbara H.,
    Museum Business
  • “Oasis payroll and personnel services have always been excellent, but they reached a level of true indispensability when we were applying for the Paycheck Protection Program to keep our business alive during the harsh onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The PPP legislation was a fast moving target, and Oasis’s HR department provided up-to-the-minute analysis, advice, and hands-on guidance to help us accurately complete the application and receive the funding in the first round of the program.”
    Michael T.,
    Manufacturing Sector
  • "Oasis offers expertise in HR & Benefits for matters that we would not be able to handle on our own. The team is very responsive to our numerous questions across challenging time zones and they provide efficient payroll processing and a comprehensive benefits program to our staff that we would not be able to offer by ourselves."
    Michelle C.,
    Technology Industry
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Our technology will enable you to efficiently manage HR administration functions such as payroll and benefits.

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