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Performance management and employee development to optimize performance

The growth and development of your business requires maximizing the productivity of each employee. Keep your team on track and help them reach their full potential with our performance management system, tools, and training and development for position-specific performance objectives.
Performance management solutions that drive results

Accelerate employees on the path to optimum performance

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Maximize productivity with technology to help keep employees on track

The Oasis® Performance Management system helps map performance plans to larger business objectives. Built-in analytics help you effortlessly keep up with progress or roadblocks.
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Thoughtfully develop and engage employees

Optimize your workforce investment by creating role-based goal plans that your employees will appreciate and value.
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Create targeted retention and employee engagement strategies

Help improve performance and build trust with employees by conducting opinion and satisfaction surveys that can help shape future programs.
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Provide structure without additional administrative burdens

Leverage technology and HR support from Oasis to efficiently manage performance, empower employees and managers to set and track goals, measure results, and provide opportunities for coaching feedback and employee development.

Get HR expertise and support to deliver a positive onboarding experience

Get the expertise and support to help your employees be focused and productive and meet the needs of your business today and in the future.

  • eLearning opportunities: We have several hundred complimentary courses covering a range of topics as part of our eLearning program, along with an extensive course library of topics available for purchase at discounted rates. 
  • Performance evaluations: We’ll help you develop customized performance management tools and training to support program implementation of position-specific evaluation forms, performance objectives, and 360-degree feedback programs.
  • Additional growth and development programs, including diversity and inclusion initiatives, behavioral assessments, performance improvement plans, and disciplinary assistance.
  • Performance management software: Align your team’s performance expectations with the company’s defined goals and strategy, all in one automated system. This helps ensure you’re using resources effectively, developing employees thoughtfully, and focusing on top priorities.
  • Retention strategies: We’ll help you stay competitive in the market by developing reward and recognition initiatives, compensation programs (salary bands, job grades, market analysis), and policy and benefits reviews.

Simplify the performance management process

Our automated system can help you determine how well you’re using resources and focusing on the right priorities when it comes to performance management. Work with Oasis to help ensure your employees’ performance expectations are in line with your company’s goals and strategy.

Oasis HR platform

Our PEO offering also includes:

Answers to frequently asked questions about performance management tools

  • What is employee development?

    Employee development is an ongoing process where an employee gains or enhances job-specific skills and knowledge. Training and learning are often developed in a way that aligns to a business’s larger strategic goals. Employers can support these initiatives in many ways, including online learning, career development pathing, performance reviews, and more.

  • What training should be given to employees?

    Training and development will vary among businesses, industries, and employees. It’s ultimately up to an employee and their manager to identify and implement a plan for the appropriate training.

    In recent years, there has also been a rise in required training that may apply to your business, depending on your number of employees, the state and/or jurisdiction in which you operate, and other factors. For example, several states require certain businesses to conduct sexual harassment training. When you work with Oasis, we have experienced HR Professionals who can help you identify and comply with training requirements.

  • What is the training and development process?

    The training and development process is more than the training itself. A thorough process first assesses why training is needed, identifies goals and objectives of a training plan, clarifies the types of training that will help the employee achieve these goals, and reviews and tracks progress and challenges along the way. This may also be referred to as a performance management cycle.

  • What’s the purpose of performance management?

    The purpose of performance management is to create a set of processes so that an employee can continually maintain and improve their performance. Improved performance is the result of quality work that aligns with larger business objectives. Employees are more likely to achieve this when they know what is expected of them, regularly communicate with their manager, and engage in constructive feedback sessions.

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Access employee-centric PEO and HR solutions to support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle. By working with Oasis, you have support to attract and retain talent, offer world-class employee benefits, and streamline payroll processing, and maintain regulatory compliance.