Performance management and employee development to run your business better.

Keep your employees on track and help them to know what’s expected of them with our customized performance management tools and training for position-specific performance objectives.
Employee Centric

Align employee performance and employee development with your business strategy

Utilize a system to keep employees on track

The Oasis® Performance Management System will help align performance evaluations with your business strategy.

Develop employees thoughtfully

Better ensure resources are used effectively to develop customized employee development plans.

Create targeted retention strategies

Get better performance from employees with programs based on employee opinion and satisfaction surveys.

Improve Performance

Guidance to implement performance improvement plans, disciplinary action and restructuring plans.

With Oasis by your side, you can run your business fearlessly

Get the expertise and support to help your employees be focused and productive and meet the needs of your business today and in the future.

  • Performance evaluations
  • Performance management software
  • Retention strategies
  • Employee surveys
  • Diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Performance improvement plans & disciplinary assistance
  • Internal communication guidance
  • Training & development
  • Customizable learning plans & development of top performers
performance management technology
Our Platform

The technology you deserve

Our technology will enable you to efficiently manage HR administration functions such as payroll and benefits.

Awards & Certifications

Trust you are working with the best

Be part of the Oasis advantage

Access employee-centric HR solutions to support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle. By working with Oasis, you can:
Attract and retain talent
Offer world-class employee benefits
Streamline payroll processing
Maintain regulatory compliance