Referral Rewards Program

Do you have a client or colleague that has a business that could benefit from the Human Resources, Payroll Administration, Employee Benefits or Risk Management services that Oasis provides?

Refer a new client to Oasis, and you can earn up to $10,000. If your referral becomes a client, you will earn $25 per full-time employee (2 part-time employees equal one full-time employee for purposes of the incentive) up to $10,000!

Oasis appreciates your referral of another business that may benefit from our services. Please complete the information requested in the form to the right so that we can ensure you receive proper credit for your referral.

*$25 per full-time (2 part-time employees equal one full-time employee) payrolled employee will be paid out with a maximum payout of $10,000 30 days after the first payroll is run. There is a 10-employee minimum to qualify as a referral.
If Oasis had substantial contact with the referred company in the year prior to when the client submitted the referral, or, without direct or indirect encouragement from Oasis becomes, represented by an advisor (such as an insurance broker) that has a Channel Partner relationship with Oasis such that Oasis is in its good-faith judgment obligated to pay such advisor a commission, or, referral is a related entity of a current client, then Oasis will not pay the referral fee for that relationship. For more information on how your information will be used by Oasis please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Another thing that makes Oasis stand out to me is that its invoice is straightforward and easy to understand. I feel like I have a better idea of where my payroll dollars are going.

- Chris R. Retail Industry

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