Safety is Always in Season

Typically we think of “seasonal employees” as those employees hired by retailers during November and December, but other industries (such as golf courses and restaurants) have a seasonal nature to their businesses as well. Although different industries have different seasons, safety is always in season.
Usually when you are hiring seasonal employees, you need to hire a lot of people at one time. During this “hiring rush,” it may be tempting to skip over safety training, but doing so can put you and your company at risk if there’s an accident due to an employee not following safety procedures. Remember—no matter how long someone is employed by you, they are still your employee and you can still be held responsible for accidents they have or cause.
To make sure your seasonal employees take safety seriously, give them the same amount of training as a regular employee would receive, and make sure management stays as directly involved in training as possible. You may even want to team new hires with experienced employees for a short time so any errors can be immediately corrected. This is an excellent way to keep safety in the forefront of each employee’s mind, ensuring a safe environment for everyone and minimizing your risk.

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