Technology with a Human Touch

At Oasis, we know the importance of pairing innovative Human Resources services with technology solutions that make our clients’ lives easier.

Client Services Website

As soon as you become an Oasis client, you have access to the Getting Started Website which will provide a snapshot of the client onboarding process, including pending and completed steps.

Once you are fully onboarded, you will have immediate access to the full Client Services Website where you can manage payroll, run and view reports, access the performance management module and manage employee data, just to name a few. Our Client Services Website can be accessed on a desktop, tablet or phone and we also provide access to Oasis Client Connect – our mobile app for Android and iOS.

Electronic Onboarding

The Electronic Onboarding (EOB) option is simple and straightforward, allowing the employee to get started on the job sooner instead of focusing on new hire paperwork.

Oasis TimeKeeper

Through our dashboard, employees can clock in and out for their shifts. Managers will find the system user-friendly to view and edit timesheets – making payroll processing easier!

Employee Services Website

Your employees will have access to the Employee Services Website where they can view pay stubs, access benefits information (if applicable) including 401(k) and access discount programs. The Employee Services Website is also available on desktop, tablet or phone and via Oasis Employee Connect Рour mobile app for Android and iOS.

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I have called on Oasis HR specialists a couple of times for advice on how to handle certain situations. They have done a good job of giving me practical answers. I have confidence in the advice I have received. The customer service level is excellent.

- Chris R. Retail Industry

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